Zuppa e Antipasti
Zuppa di Patate Porcini e Porri  Potato and leek soup with porcini mushrooms, white truffle oil and Fontina-topped crouton
(Vegetarian/vegan without crouton) Gavi
Insalata del Furmagiat Belgian endive and Bosc pear salad with arugula, garbanzo beans, Italian farro and lemon-olive oil dressing; garnished with imported boschetto al tartufo cheese 10.79 (Vegetarian) Arneis
Tomino delle Langhe Grilled Tomino cheese served with Barolo salame, celery heart, crostini and roasted bell peppers 13.99 Barbera

Agnolotti di Fonduta ai Porcini Housemade Fontina cheese ravioli in porcini mushroom sauce with white truffle oil 18.99 (Vegetarian) Barbera
Gnocchi con Brasato di Coniglio Housemade potato dumplings with braised rabbit ragu, sage, onions, tomato and Parmigiano cheese 17.99 Dolcetto
Cannelloni alla Montanara Housemade pasta tubes filled with prosciutto di Parma, mortadella, veal, spinach, Parmigiano and tomato-tarragon béchamel; oven-baked and drizzled with white truffle oil 19.79 Dolcetto
Risotto con Porcini e Gamberetti Imported carnaroli rice with shrimp, porcini mushrooms, baby spinach and shallots 20.59 Arneis

Suprema di Pollo Ripiena Breaded chicken breast filled with imported ham and Fontina cheese with Dijon mustard sauce; served with sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes 22.99 Barolo
Medaglioni di Vitello ai Funghi Porcini e Tartufo Veal medallions with roasted garlic, porcini mushrooms, white wine and white truffle oil; served with grilled roma tomato, sautéed green beans and roasted Yukon Gold potatoes  28.99 Barbaresco
Filetto di Branzino all’Uva Wild striped seabass filets sautéed with green grapes, thyme and champagne vinegar; served with sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes  26.99 Gavi

Pere al Moscato d’Asti Bosc pears poached with Moscato wine; served with hot chocolate sauce, caramel sea-salt gelato, zabaione cream and pistachios  8.59 Moscato
Moscato d'Asti, Strev 2011
This aromatic and lightly effervescent sparkling wine is brimming with aromas and flavors of jasmine, honeysuckle, ripe melon and mango. It has just the right amount of sweetness balanced by bright, crisp acidity making it a lovely aperitif or light dessert wine.
$5 half glass $9 glass $35 bottle
Gavi, Michele Chiarlo, 2011
This dry white is produced from 100% Cortese grapes and is one of Italy’s most refined and elegant white wines. It is refreshing and dry with a lively citrus finish which makes it a nice pairing with the Zuppa and Filetto.
$5 half glass $9 glass $35 bottle
Arneis, Damilano, 2011
Damilano produces this refined, floral and citrusy white from 100% Arneis grapes. It is delicate and elegant with aromas and flavors of bright citrus fruit and toasted almonds. Its refreshing and crisp finish make it a good match with the Insalata and Risotto.
$6 half glass $11 glass $43 bottle
Dolcetto d‘Alba, Sandrone, 2010
This rich, full-flavored red is produced from 100% Dolcetto grapes and is complex with layered aromas and flavors of raspberry, violet and spice. It is medium-bodied with great acidity and a long, clean finish. It is a good match with the Gnocchi and Cannelloni.
$7 half glass $13 glass $49 bottle
Barbera d’Asti, Michele Chiarlo, 2010
This juicy, supple red is produced from 100% Barbera grapes. It is medium-bodied, full of explosive berry flavors and gentle tannins and has excellent balance which nicely complements the Tomino and Agnolotti.
$5 half glass $9 glass $35 bottle
Barolo, Damilano Lecinquevigne, 2007
This is a full-bodied concentrated red that has a vast range of complex aromas, from the heady spice notes to the delicate floral tones. Full-bodied and rich on the palate it is brimming with layers of flavors of forest berry fruit, violet, cedar and spice. It has a long, rich and velvety finish and is a nice match with the Suprema.
$9 half glass $17 glass $66 bottle
Barbaresco, Produttori del Barbaresco, 2007
Produttori del Barbaresco is an elegant, full-bodied red wine produced from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. It is chock-full of violet, truffle and anise in the aromas and flavors. Rich and spicy on the palate with a smooth and long finish, it makes a great pairing with the Medaglioni.
$9 half glass $17 glass $66 bottle

A native of Piemonte, Carlo was born in the small town of Intra, just north of the city Verbania, where he discovered his passion for cooking at an early age. As a child he would spend every Sunday helping his mamma Silvana in the kitchen. After studying Italian and French cuisine at Stresa Scuola Alberghiera in Verbania, he moved to the United States to put his culinary talents to use. Carlo has been with Il Fornaio for two years and is delighted to once again collaborate with Executive Chef Maurizio Mazzon on tonight’s Festa Regionale menu.

“Maurizio and I share a similar philosophy when it comes to food,” remarked Carlo. “We believe that the best dish is the one that is made with the freshest seasonal ingredients available.” This month’s menu takes advantage of a seasonal ingredient that is uniquely Piemontese: white truffles.

“I love cooking with white truffles. It is a challenge to fully express the unique flavor of this delicate ingredient in each dish without overwhelming. Also, truffles truly remind me of home,” adds Carlo.

Combining fond memories of his childhood and his passion for authentic flavor, Carlo invites you to experience a menu that presents the authentic food and wine of Piemonte in a way only a native could create. Buon Appetito!

is tucked away in the northwest corner of Italy and is bordered by the Alps, France, Liguria and Lombardia. This wild, rugged landscape has produced two distinct styles of cooking. One is found in many of the larger cities and areas of lower altitude and depends on the outside influences of Lombardia to the east and France to the west. As you climb into mountain territory, however, you find something quite different, often considered to be the “native” cuisine. It is here you will find ingredients particular to the region and the heartier fare that provides sustenance to those who live and work at energy-burning altitudes.

Perhaps the most exclusive and recognized ingredient of Piemontese cooking is the white truffle. It is the signature note in fonduta, the region’s cheese fondue specialty. On this evening’s menu, you will find Agnolotti di Fonduta ai Porcini, housemade ravioli filled with fontina cheese and accented with white truffle oil. It is the perfect pasta for chilly winter weather.

Other dishes whose ingredients are dictated by the geography of

the region are risotto and polenta. The Po valley is “rice country,” and Piemonte produces more rice than any other Italian region. The rice produced in Piemonte is considered by some to be the best in the world. It is the star ingredient of Risotto con Porcini e Gamberetti, risotto with shrimp, porcini mushrooms, shallots and a touch of cream.

While Piemonte is known throughout the world for many of its classic dishes, it is also considered to be one of the best wine-growing regions in Italy. Perhaps the most famous, Barolo is known as the “King of Italian Wines.” It is rich and full-bodied, the ideal companion for many of the region’s heartiest dishes. Barolo and Barbaresco are both highly regarded reds that enhance any experience involving the foods of Piemonte.